1. By using Fairways Pet Have Ltd Services you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions as detailed below.
  2. We charge per day, not per night so you will be charged departure day if you pick up after 11am.
  3. All boarding fees must be settled by cash or card when you pick up your dog.  Your dog will not be released until payment has been made in full.
  4. All dogs must be picked up between the hours of 8am and 6pm.  Please be aware opening hours may change on public holidays.
  5. We take the care of all our guests very seriously.  If your dog becomes ill whilst in our care we will try to contact you but we will not hesitate to seek veterinary advice.  The costs of any treatment deemed necessary by the Veterinary Surgeon will added to your bill.  You also agree that Fairways Pet Haven can administer any First Aid treatment that we deem necessary.
  6. We do allow like-minded dogs to play together, under supervision.  Owners have the right to opt out of this and must do so upon check in.
  7. Owners must tell us of any medical issues.  Full details of any medical issues and medication to be administered must be given at the time of check in.
  8. Owners must inform Fairways Pet Haven if the dog has shown any aggression towards people or other dogs.  If the dogs shows aggression towards any employee at any time the owner will be informed and the dog must be collected.  Full boarding fees will be charged.
  9. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and we will need to see proof of this before we accept your dog for boarding.
  10. Fairways Pet Haven does not normally accept bitches that are in season.  However, should your dog become in season whilst as Fairways Pet Haven, Fairways Pet Haven will not be held liable for any pregnancies that occur.
  11. Fairways Pet Haven will not accept a pregnant dog for boarding.
  12. Dogs not picked up within 48 hours of arranged departure date will be considered to be abandoned and the dog warden and police will be contacted.  In this case the dog warden will advise if we can re-home from our site or take the dog into the local authority care. 
  13. Fairways must be informed if someone other than the person named on the signed check in form is picking up the dog.  We will not release the dog until we have confirmation of who is picking up. 
  14. By admitting your dog to our kennels, you are confirming that the dog(s) have had no communicable diseases in the last 30 days.
  15. Dogs will only be housed with other family members.  Fairways Pet Haven will not accept liability for any injury from one family dog to another or during regular exercise activities .
  16. All items belonging to the dog will be tagged but Fairways Pet Haven will take no responsibility for any item that is lost, broken, or damaged whilst in our care.
  17. KENNEL COUGH vaccine is not required by Fairways Pet Haven.   For the safety of all our guests we will not accept a dog that has had the kennel cough vaccine less than 3 weeks prior to boarding.
  18. Clients using the car park or turning in any area of Fairways Pet Haven do so at their own risk.  Fairways Pet Haven will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle.
  19. Fairways Pet Haven has a no bullying policy.  Anyone deemed to be bullying, harassing, or being rude to any Fairway employee will be asked to leave the site and their dog will not be boarded and all future bookings cancelled.
  20. By using Fairways Pet Haven Services you agree that any photographs and videos of your dog(s) is the property of Fairways Pet Haven and can be used on promotional material and social media such as Facebook and Snapchat.
  21. By using Fairways Pet Haven you agree that we may contact you by phone or email.
  22. Any complaint should be made in writing with 7 days of departure to Renea Bryson and sent to Fairways Pet Haven, Newmachar, Aberdeen AB21 7PU or emailed to info@fairwayspethaven.co.uk.